Jeep Compass


Conceived as off-road capable in the 1980s, Jeep Compass would become eventually a compact on-road vehicle that looks like the Jeep Liberty, but being a four wheel drive, with prices starting at $17,805.

The Vice President of Jeep Brand, Jeff Bell said about the Compass "For us it is about inviting more people to join 'The Club We Call Jeep'. What we are really talking about is being inclusive in a very exclusive mind set".

Jeep Compass has the following dimension specs:

Wheel base: 103.7 (2635)
Front track: 109.5 inches
Rear track: 188.5 inches
Overall width:

59.8 (1520)

Overall height: 59.8 (1520)
Overall length: 69.3 (1760.7)
Front overhang: 64.2 (1631.7)
Rear overhang: 173.4 (4404.8)
Gas Mileage: 35.1 (892.8)

NAFTA Curb Weight, lb. (kg) – Est.

Base 2WD 3089 (1404)
Base 4WD 3245 (1472)
Limited 2WD 3196 (1450)
Limited 4WD 3351 (1520)

"Jeep does not tell you how to express your freedom, it empowers you to do it" said Jeff Bell in relation to the goal of Jeep remaining as the dominating brand in the 4x4 segment with vehicles like Jeep Compass.

The compass is manufactured with a new CVT technology and the World Engine 2.4 liter with dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT) that produces 172 bhp, being the first Jeep front-wheel-drive-based vehicle with total independent suspension.

Jeep is designed to be as independent as the targeted market for selling Jeep Compass, including families, singles or newlyweds whose median annual income of $60,000.

Jeep's Design Senior Vice President Trevor Creed said “The Jeep Compass is an all-new design statement for Jeep. Compass fulfills the demands of customers who want a Jeep that is modern, stylish and refined, but still offers the credibility and characteristics associated with the Jeep brand name”.

Jeep Compass characteristics include:

Fuel tank capacity: 13.6 gal. (51.5)

Front seat specs:

Hip room 54.0 (1328.8)
Leg room

40.6 (1032.1)

Shoulder room

54.6 (1387.0)

Headroom without sunroof 40.9 (1038.5)
SAE front seat volume

55.2 cu. ft (1.486 cu. m)

Rear seat specs:

Hip room 51.0 (1294.5)
Leg room 39.3 (997.7)
Headroom 39.9 (1013.8)
Shoulder room 54.0 (1371.9)
Knee clearance 1.8 (44.9)
SAE rear seat volume 49.1 cu. ft (1.391 cu. ft)
SAE interior volume 101.6 cu. ft (2.877 cu. m)
Limited 4WD 3351 (1520)

Cargo Volume Indexes:

Rear seats up 21. 9 cu. ft (0.621 cu. m)
Rear seats folded

52.5 cu. ft (1.487cu. m)

Liftover height 30.5 (773.6)

Front passenger seat:

Folded and rear seats folded 60.7 cu. ft (1.719 cu. m)
EPA interior volume 123.5 cu. ft (3.498 cu. m)

The compass has a two-tone, flexible interior that accommodates both extra passengers and cargo in its storage space. Interior color themes range from dark to light shades of pastel pebble beige and pastel slate gray made of Essentials and an easy-care fabric which is anti-microbial textile and soil-repellant.

The Essentials fabric on the seats protects them from discoloration, odors, and stain. All models include vinyl load floor inside its rear cargo area and the vehicle is available in the following exterior colors:

Black Clear Coat
Marine Blue Pearl Coat
Stone White Clear Coat
Khaki Metallic Clear Coat
Steel Blue Metallic Clear Coat
Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat
Jeep Green Metallic Clear Coat
Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat

All models include standard side-curtain air bags, Driver Convenience Group, AutoStick, and a center console with a flip pocket, coup holders, and a 110-volt outlet. Jeep Compass 2007 is being manufactured since the second quarter of 2006 in Illinois at the Belvidere Assembly Plant.

Another remarkable feature in Jeep Compass include characteristics not commonly available in a SUV, such as dual purpose, self-recharging removable cargo lamp mounted in the headliner, which can be snapped out of its bezel serving as a flashlight and Boston Acoustics sound system with two speakers into the liftgate.

To promote this vehicle, jeep launched a campaign under the suggestive title of "Free Your Thoughts" featuring a commercial submitted to a Jeep's contest inviting independent filmmakers to participate and win a new Jeep Compass.

General public voted on this contest and the winner of the contest was a student of Media Studies at Pitzer College in Claremont , California , but a resident of Newton , Massachusetts .

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